Intelligent Decision-Support System for Epidemiological Diagnostics. I. A Concept of Architecture Design

Bazilevych K. O., Chumachenko D. I., Hulianytskyi L. F., Meniailov I. S., Yakovlev S. V.

Cybernetics and Systems Analysis. 58, 343–353 (2022).


The problems of decision support for epidemiological diagnostics are investigated. The basis for supporting decision-making is mathematical tools for analyzing morbidity data, as well as modeling of epidemic processes. The current state of research in this area is analyzed. The features of decision-making in epidemiology and public health are formalized. Principles for the development of an intelligent information system for decision-making support for epidemiological diagnostics are proposed. A systemic model of the system, a model of the interaction of elements of the epidemiological diagnostics system and the interaction of logical components of the information system has been developed. Taking into account the identified features of these processes, the concept of the architecture of such an intelligent information system is proposed.