Hybrid Metaheuristic Combining Ant Colony Optimization and H-Method

Hulianytskyi L.F., Sirenko S.I.

Swarm Intelligence: Proceedings 7th International Conference ANTS 2010 (Brussels, Belgium, September 8-10, 2010) (Eds. M.Dorigo et. al.). Lecture Notes in Computer Science. – Berlin–Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag. – 2010. – Vol. 6234/2010. – P. 568–569.


The paper presents a hybrid metaheuristic method ACO-H for combinatorial optimization problems that combines two population-based approaches – ant colony optimization (ACO) and H-method. ACO is a multi-agent metaheuristic that has been successfully applied to many difficult optimization problems. H-method is an extension of the discrete downhill simplex method that applies during the search process specially defined segments. Similar to H-method ideas were introduced in the context of tabu search and now are known as path relinking.