Формалізація проблеми оптимізації місць базування та маршрутів групи БПЛА

Гуляницький Л.Ф., Рибальченко О.В.

Cybernetics and Computer Technologies. 2021. 4. С. 12–26. https://doi.org/10.34229/2707-451X.21.4.2


The problem of planning the mission of a set of heterogeneous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)is considered, which is to survey and/or service a given set of targets in the field. A mathematical model of the problem and algorithms for its solving that is based on deterministic local search, as well as optimization by ant colonies are proposed. The efficiency of algorithms is investigated based on the results of solving problems with real objects in the field. The relative error of the results of each algorithm was obtained, which allowed to compare their efficiency.

Ключові слова: routing, combinatorial optimization, UAV, local search, ant colony optimization algorithms.