Ant colony optimization algorithms with diversified search in the problem of optimization of airtravel itinerary

Hulianytskyi, L., Pavlenko, A.

Cybernetics and Systems Analysis, 55 (6), 978-987.


The formulated problem is to find optimal traveler’s route in airline networks, which takes into account cost of the constructed route and user conditions with time-dependent cost of connections. Ant colony system algorithms are proposed to solve the time-dependent problem represented by an extended flight graph. Unlike the available ant algorithm implementations, the developed algorithms take into account the properties of dynamic networks (time-dependent availability and connection cost) and user conditions. The improved approach to the diversification of search in ant colony system algorithms in terms of time dependence for a dense graph increased the quality of the constructed routes from different regions. The proposed algorithms are analyzed for efficiency based on the analysis of the results of a computational experiment from real data.