The VIII-th school-workshop “Theory of decision making” will be held in Uzhorod, Ukraine, during September 26, 2016 – October 1, 2016

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Uzhorod National University
Institute of Cybernetics named after V.M. Glushkov
The VIII-th International School-Workshop
Dedicated to the 80th anniversary of
academician of NAS of Ukraine I.V.Sergienko
50-th anniversary of the Department of Mathematics of
Uzhorod National University
Uzhorod, Ukraine
September 26, 2016 – October 1, 2016

First informational announcement

Dear colleagues!

We are glad to inform you that the VIII-th school-workshop “Theory of decision making” will be held in Uzhorod, Ukraine, during September 26, 2016 – October 1, 2016.

The following of the lectures will be present at the workshop as part of the program:

  1. Philosophical and methodological foundations of decision-making theory;
  2. Mathematical models and methods of decision-making support and optimization and their applications;
  3. Intellectual systems and information technologies of decision-making support;
  4. Methods of artificial intelligence. Intellectual data analysis and knowledge mining;
  5. Applied problems of algebra, differential and probabilistic models;
  6. Problems of computational mathematics, applied mechanics and computations optimization;
  7. Methodological foundations and software systems of electronic learning.

Program Committee

Astashkin V.I. (Lviv)
Bardachov Yu.M. (Kherson)
Belko I.V. (Minsk, Belarus)
Bidiuk P.I. (Kyiv)
Bodianskyi Y.V. (Kharkiv)
Butenko S.P.(Texas, USA)
Velychko V.Y. (Kyiv)
Vynokurova O.A. (Kharkiv)
Voloshyn O.F. (Kyiv) – co-chair
Voronin A.M. (Kyiv)
Haraschenko F.H. (Kyiv)
Geche F.E. (Uzhorod)
Glover F.(Colorado, USA)
Holovach Y.I. (Uzhorod)
Hryhorkiv V.S (Chernivtsi)
Hulianytskyi L.F. (Kyiv)
Hupal A.M. (Kyiv)
Zadyraka V.K. (Kyiv)
Zaychenko Yu.P. (Kyiv)
Zhurovsky M.Z. (Kyiv)
Ivokhin Y.V. (Kyiv)
Kotov V.M. (Minsk, Belarus)
Krak Yu.V. (Kyiv)
Kryvonos Yu.H. (Kyiv)
Kudin V.I. (Kyiv)
Lepa R.M. (Kyiv)
Lytvynenko V.I. (Kherson)
Lytvynov V.V. (Chernihiv)
Lyubchyk L.M. (Kharkiv)
Malyar M.M. (Uzhorod)
Markov K. (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Mykhalov O.I. (Dnipropetrovsk)
Miklovda V.P. (Uzhorod) co-chair
Oksiuk O.H. (Kyiv)
Onyschenko A.M. (Kyiv)
Pankratova N.D. (Kyiv)
Pardalos P.M. (Florida, USA)
Provotar O.I. (Kyiv)
Semenova N.V. (Kyiv)
Serhienko I.V. (Kyiv)
Skatkov O.V. (Sevastopol)
Snytiuk V.E. (Kyiv)
Teslia Y.M. (Kyiv)
Fedunov B.E. (Moscow, Russia)
Khapko R.S. (Lviv)
Chykryy A.O. (Kyiv)
Shylo V.P. (Kyiv)
Yadzhak M.C. (Lviv)

Organizing Committee

Malyar M.M. – chair, Geche F.E., Hlebena M.I., Hrendzha V.I., Kuzka O.I., Mitsa O.V., Mlavets Y.Y., Mulesa O.Y., Mulesa P.P., Povidaychyk M.M., Polischuk V.V., Sharkadi M.M., Shtymak A.Y.

The authors should submit their papers to Organizing Committee at the address:

Email: (for electronic documents)

Address: Faculty of Mathematics, Uzhorod National University, 14 Universitetska street, r. 313, Uzhorod, 8800.

Coordinator: Mlavets Yuriy Yuriyovych, Cell phones: +38-096-652-61-88, +38-095-621-40-71.

Official languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

The paper should be prepared in one of the official languages listed above. Authors should submit electronic version of an abstract, prepared in LaTeX (tex) or Microsoft Word (docx). The submissions should meet the following formatting requirements:

Page Size: A4;
Page Limit: 1-2 full pages for regular submissions, 2-4 pages for plenary papers;
Typeface: Times New Roman, font size 12 pt;
Margins: All margins must be 2cm;
Line Spacing: single;
Paragraph Spacing: 1.25 cm.

Abstracts, accepted for presentation will be published before the start of the workshop in the dedicated proceedings. The selected abstracts will be recommended for publishing in journals “Naukovyy visnyk UzNU”, “Naukovyy visnyk KNU im.T.Shevchenka”, “Information Theories and Applications” (ISSN 1310-0513), “Information Technologies and Knowledge” (ISSN 1313-0455), “Information Models and Analyses” (ISSN 1314-6416).

The selected submissions, which are in the range of scientific interests of academician of NAS of Ukraine I. V. Sergienko, will be included in a special issue of the journals “Cybernetics and Systems Analysis” and “Journal of Global Optimization” and will be invited to contribute to the edited book that will be prepared based on the conference materials.

Abstract FormatRules

– Last names and initials of the authors (center);
– Author’s employer organization (center);
– E-mail (address, phone number) for communication;
– Title (center, in CAPITAL LETTERS);
– Text of abstract;
– Bibliography.

In addition to an abstracts, authors should submit a participant application form via email (see below) to the address of Organizing Committee. An individual application form must be completed filled for each presentation.

Participant application form

Last name Section number
First name Title of paper
Patronymic Expecting: lection, section report, only paper publication
Organization Expecting Arrival, Presentation  (date)
Position Address
Academic degree Phone
Academic rank E-mail

Only papers submitted before the submission deadline of September 7, 2016, will be considered. The authors will be informed about acceptance in the school-workshop on September 12, 2016 (second announcement). Proceedings of the school-workshop will be published on September 25, 2016 (before the start of the conference).

Registration fee is 15 EUR (for postgraduates – 10 EUR, for students – 5 EUR). It can be paid via credit card transfer to the following account in the “Privat” bank: 5168757220407326 Mlavets Yuriy Yuriyovych (cell phone: +38-096-652-61-88), or paid on-site during the conference registration.

Delivery of the school-workshop proceedings overseas should be covered by recipients.

For those participants of the school-workshop, who would like to publish abstracts, but do not have an opportunity to participate in person, the registration fee is 5 EUR.


Submission deadline September 7, 2016
Notification of acceptance September 12 2016
Registration fee payment deadline September 17, 2016 (after receiving the acceptance letter)
On-site Registration September 26, 2016